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    • Just a few suggestions:   1. Can we have the Coin buyer, Card Collector and Fishing shop exchange everything available in the inventory in just a few clicks and not one by one? it's kind of a hassle really, except for the Enchanter coins.. if the player wants to save some of them, they have to put it in the storage or have the "warning" before proceeding if they don't want all the coins/fishes/cards to be exchanged. (card collector though is kind of scary for some players because they are irresponsible at times ex. exchange quips with compounded expensive cards to Instance Quest shop, cry, and ask GMs to get it back like it was the GMs fault, so yeah..).   2. The supply ticket shop that sells potions, maybe we could remove it or change it to something more useful.   3. The spell scrolls from the Scroll dealer, maybe remove it as well, unless a lot of people use it. (which I doubt)   4. New items/costumes for the BG headgear shop and Shard Shop, just to get new exciting and awesome costumes, maybe you guys have more in your costume pool.   5. I noticed that Monks/Champs are the one being used in Monster Invasion because of the passive Triple attack for bare knuckle(coz everything is stripped and bare knuckle is the name of the game), its not really that I'm complaining, but was it really intended to be this way? if not, maybe we could disable the passive skill   Class Changes: Snipers - increase the range of Sharp Shooting to be equal to Double Strafe, to give them more options for meta, or some of you guys have a better idea with this   Lord Knights - maybe nerf the movement speed with mounts? (pls don't hate me) like 5%? its too much of an advantage over other classes without mounts especially in BG   Miscellaneous: Pets - maybe we could buff them? just a little bit maybe, so as not to break the game.. we have the autofeed feature already so let's put it to good use and encourage players to get pets and maybe allow them in Gladiator arena instances?   That's all for now.. More Power to the GM team
    • Hi. Good luck with your newbie package ! Please use @request for any kind of assistance required in-game or feel free to reach out on Discord.
    • Hi how i can get new comer package? i use @request on game but nothing happen to mee

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