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    • July 3, 2020 Changelogs   [FEATURE CHANGES] NEW! VIP Feature Added @hatch command for VIP IV and VIP V. (This will let you hatch your egg completely without using an incubator) Added VIP Daily Reward Box for Daily Rewards : VIP I and VIP II. Updated VIP Packages and Headgears to July 2020 version. Click me for more details!   Racing Event Removed from the daily event.   [NPC CHANGES] NEW! Quest Hunter NPC Location unknown.. It is said to contain mysterious headgears to craft. Please find the NPC!   NEW! MAINTOWN NPC's Relocated different npc's location.   NEW! Monthly HG Quest NPC, Hourly Shop NPC, and Fishing NPC Updated from July 2020 version.   NEW! Quest Certificate Trader NPC Added exchanger for old quest certificates. Added Summer Token currency. Located at @quest.   NEW! Revelation NPC Added Revelation Set [Counterpart of Karna Equipment] see the NPC for more information. Located at @quest.   Stalker NPC Added 'Lv 10 Meteor Storm' in the list.   Lower Headgear NPC Fixed Torn Wings item requirement issue.   Mini-Game Credit NPC Removed Yellow Ribbon [1], Moober Hat [1], Crimson Robot Ears [1] and replaced with their non slotted headgears.   WoE Rewards NPC Increased 4x Box of Box of Panting to 2 War Credits.   Donation Shop NPC Added different headgear for all VIP titles.   Legacy Shop NPC Added more cards in the list. Added new headgear items in the npc.     [ITEM & CARD CHANGES] Quest Certificates July 2020 Quest Certificate is now updated.   Box of Panting Changed weight from 20 to 10.   Karna's Robe / Karna's Endless Robe Reduced healing effectiveness from 8% to 5%.   Karna's Ring of Wealth Removed additional boost to all healing skills. Can no longer be traded. Item will now be Account Bound.   Karna Equipment Combo Removed the Karna Shield requirement.   Karna Garment, Karna Shoes, and Endless Karna Suit/Armor/Robe Removd additional boost to all healing skills.   Falcon Ring Can no longer be traded. Item will now be Account Bound.   Vendor's Ring Can no longer be traded. Item will now be Account Bound.   E White Lady Card Now properly adding the right healing amount for Monk, Crusader, and Rouge Class. [Previously it was 16% instead of 12%]   E Kiel Card Removed current effect. Now removes cast delay of 'Soul Breaker' skill.   Lord of the Dead and Evolved Lord of the Dead Reverted back to their original percentages.   [SKILL CHANGES] Meltdown Protection The skill is no longer casted individually, it is now a global party skill if used. Will now require 3 Meltdown Stone instead of 1.   Soul Breaker Increased damage by 20%.   Mammonite Increased damage by 30%.
    • What are the perks of being a VIP in Unethical RO? Free usage of NPC's that requires zeny. Free use of Broadcaster NPC. Exclusive Map for VIP via @vip command Exclusive command Exclusive VIP Daily Rewards, click me to check it out! Exclusive use of Shaman Arsenio NPC (Buffs) Exclusive free Casino Chips Job Change will not require zeny. Exclusive Color Name Titles!   Want to know your Daily Rewards for each tier? Click me! ====================== VIP Packages : July 2020 ======================   [VIP Package - Bronze] 1x Bronze Title Coupon 1x Bronze VIP Box Bronze Title : 31 days     VIP Headgear of the month : Open Air Headset   Price : 12 Donation Tokens --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [VIP Package - Silver] 1x Silver Title Coupon 1x Silver VIP Box Silver Title : 31 days     VIP Headgear of the month : Clock Coaster RD   Price : 25 Donation Tokens --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [VIP Package - Gold] 1x Gold Title Coupon 1x Gold VIP Package Gold Title : 31 days     VIP Headgear of the month : Giant Cat Bag   Price : 40 Donation Tokens --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [VIP Package - Platinum] 1x Platinum Title Coupon 1x Platinum VIP Box Platinum Title : 31 days     Platinum VIP Headgear of the Month : Disguise Mantle   Price : 60 Donation Tokens --------------------------------------------------------------- [VIP Package - Diamond] 1x  Diamond Title Coupon 1x Diamond VIP Box Diamond Title : 31 days     Diamond VIP Headgear of the Month : Cons of Earth   Price : 100 Donation Tokens --------------------------------------------------------------- How to donate? Click me!
    • Hi! OldschoolNaNa! Welcome to the server, if you need any assistance in game please use @request.

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