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    Hey guys, I'm gonna be hosting an event next week, on the 24th of July. It'll be Branch madness, i will be opening all my BBs (125pcs) atm and my MBs (90pcs) atm. All this branches will be opened all at once at moro_cav 😛 or not, we shall see later on. This will be a relatively small map and 200pcs branches will be pure chaos. I suggest to gear up your Nightmare Party and come as a team. Also I want all the parties to at least bring 1-2 newbies with them so you guys can share loot with them, i'd really appreciate that. I will host the event 13:00 server time, or if you guys have a better time suggestion please do let me know. I hope everyone can join the event.
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    Hello, Carats! Server will undergo maintenance July 21, 2020 | 10:00-12:00 Server Time, 6:00PM - 8:00PM GMT+8 Thank you for understanding. Sincerely, Crimson Kyo Administrator
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    IGN: Black Spirit
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    Best of the Best Event is back! The community has spoken! We are now going to find the best among the rest of all Champion class in the whole server.. show off your swapping skills, test your new build and register your character now! Time and Date: July 25,2020 10:30 PM GMT +8 / 14:30 Server time Rules and Restriction: You cannot use ASURA skill for the next 5 minutes. Glorious Weapons usage are banned in this event. Pets are not allowed. Any HP recovery consumables are not allowed. Resurrection consumables are not allowed. Stat food is allowed. Dual Entry using another account will result in disqualification. Using NODELAY during the Event will be banned with no appeal. Players MUST play on their own account to be eligible for all rewards. All participants will be dispelled upon entering the Arena. (@doommap command) Mechanics: Double Elimination Format. Winner of a match is determined from the Best of 3. For the grand finale, Best of 5. Maximum of 10 minutes per round. If exceeded it'll be announced as a draw. Event Map is: TBA (map is open for public viewing, it'll be closed once the event starts.) Event Prizes: 1st Place x7 Karma Coins x15 Enchanter Tickets x100 Mini-Game Credits x1 Serious Saitama Head Costume Headgear of their Choice. (We will provide the list) 2nd Place x5 Karma Coins x10 Enchanter Tickets x75 Mini-Game Credits x1 Serious Saitama Head Costume Headgear of their Choice. (We will provide the list) 3rd Place x3 Karma Coins x5 Enchanter Tickets x50 Mini-game Credits x1 Serious Saitama Head Costume Headgear of their Choice. (We will provide the list) Consolation Prizes: x1 Saitama Head(all participants will get this headgear) x5 Coin Shard of Karma x2 Enchanter Tickets x2 War Badge Box [2] (Contains 200 pieces of War Badges) x20 Mini-Game Credits Headgear List: Black Rock Shooter Eye Navi (Available Recolors: Yellow and Pink) Dre Headphones (Available Recolors: Black, Red, Pink, Green, White, Grey, Yellow) Black Fox Tail (Avaivale Recolors: Grey and Orange) Twin Canon Dragon Helm (A) Dragon Helm (B) ResonateTaego How to Register: Just copy this format and post your detail below. DISCLAIMER(S): All details are subject to change including but not limited to rewards, rules and match details. Bracket: https://challonge.com/8t6mxxmu
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    IGN: Chenn
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    IGN: Palm