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  1. Hey guys, I'm gonna be hosting an event next week, on the 24th of July. It'll be Branch madness, i will be opening all my BBs (125pcs) atm and my MBs (90pcs) atm. All this branches will be opened all at once at moro_cav 😛 or not, we shall see later on. This will be a relatively small map and 200pcs branches will be pure chaos. I suggest to gear up your Nightmare Party and come as a team. Also I want all the parties to at least bring 1-2 newbies with them so you guys can share loot with them, i'd really appreciate that. I will host the event 13:00 server time, or if you guys have a better time suggestion please do let me know. I hope everyone can join the event.
  2. dudee this is nice! Great job mannn