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  1. Time to polish your PvP Skills, Sharpen your arrows and tame your falcons because Best of the Best - Sniper is here! Do you think you are the best Sniper in the whole community? Show off your skills and register now! Time and Date: 11:30pm (+8GMT) 15:30 UTC (@servertime) 31st of May 2020. Rules and Mechanics: Double Elimination Format. Winner of a match is determined from the Best of 3. For the grand finale, Best of 5. Losers Bracket are Best of 1 only. Event Map is: 1@ge_st (map is open for public viewing, it'll be closed once the event starts.) All type of equipment is allowed. Stat food is allowed. Any HP recovery consumables are not allowed. Resurrection consumables are not allowed. Dual Entry using another account will result in disqualification. Players MUST play on their own account to be eligible for all rewards. All participants will be dispelled upon entering the Arena. (@doommap command) Players who are caught cheating will be banned with no appeal. Example of this are and NOT LIMITED TO: Using a 3rd party software to improve your spam. (macros are ALLOWED) Using a 3rd party software to ignore animation delay Using any form of client modification exploits, to improve delays, damages, and Skill animation delays. Event Prizes: 1st Place: x7 Karma Coins x15 Enchanter Tickets x100 Mini-Game Credits Costume Headgear of their Choice. (We will provide the list) 2nd Place: x5 Karma Coins x10 Enchanter Tickets x75 Mini-Game Credits Costume Headgear of their Choice. (We will provide the list) 3rd Place: x3 Karma Coins x5 Enchanter Tickets x50 Mini-game Credits Costume Headgear of their Choice. (We will provide the list) Consolation Prizes: [To claim Consolation Prizes, make sure you PARTICIPATED in the EVENT] x1 Karma Coin x2 Enchanter Tickets x2 War Badge Box [2] (Contains 200 pieces of War Badges) x20 Mini-Game Credits How to Register: Just copy this format and post your detail below. Deadline of Entries : 2 hours before War of Emperium | May 31, 2020 DISCLAIMER(S): All details are subject to change including but not limited to rewards, rules and match details. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ List of Head Gears to choose from: **NOTE: First come first serve basis. Example: If the 1st Place winner chooses the Costume Kirin Wings, then the Kirin Wings will not be available from the choices for the 2nd placer and 3rd placer** **NOTE: The headgears will be available for distribution after the NEXT MAINTENANCE** 1. Costume Forgotten Angel Wings [Animated Headgear] 2. Costume Word in Mouth [Animated Headgear] 3. Costume Hunting Cap of Gust 4. Costume Crown of Victory 5. Costume Kirin Wings