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Crimson Kyo

Patch Notes 5/20/2020

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Patch Notes

May 20, 2020



  • Direct Warp from NPC is now disabled.





Added new starter equips made specifically for new players. Everyone can purchase this

  • [BG] Headgears Box
  • [BG] Armors Box
  • [BG] Shield Box
  • [BG] Garment Box
  • [BG] Shoes Box
  • These boxes can be purchased once per account.


Enabled Instant Movement Skill with a fixed 5 seconds cooldown (Battlegrounds only)

  • Body Relocation
  • Shadow Jump
  • Charge Attack
  • High Jump
  • Back Sliding
  • Lope


Added new command for Battlegrounds. @bgcolorfix

  • Added color revert command when they get disconnected in the middle of the game, incase a player didnt use @leavebg which should be the only way to get out anyhow aside from DC/relog.


Crystal War Respawn Delay

  • Adjusted to 1.5 second delay






MVP Monsters (Does not include MVP's in the MVP Arena)

  • All MVP Monsters in each field will now drop 1x Event Ticket at 5% chance.
  • Event Tickets are used to convert 6 pieces of it to create 1x Donation Token.
  • Bloody Branch and Mystic Branch spawned monsters will not drop Event Tickets.




  • All Baby Class will now inherit all trans job skills with each class.





New Automated Events : NPC in maintown

Dice Event

Player Racing Event

  • Prizes are Karma's Coin, Event Tickets, and Mini-Game Credits






Donation Shop NPC

  • Added new category and new items , "Donation Job Suits"
    • First Class Ring
    • Doram Suit Ring
    • Baby Class Ring
    • Baby Novice Class Ring
    • Baby First Class Ring


Casino Area (@casino)

  • Added New NPC "Color Game NPC"
    • Accepts Donation Token and Zeny as currency.
  • Fixed Black Jack NPC issue.


Wheel of Fortune NPC

  • Increased price from 250M zeny to 300M zeny.
  • NPC location moved to @casino area.






Holy Wings

  • Included Creator Class in the 7% Demi-human resist bracket. (Currently 15%)






  • Fixed issue with Hardrock Mammoth Card & Tendrillion crash when viewing card image.
  • Fixed issue regarding Gloria Skill with E Faceworm Queen Card.
  • Fixed instances issue with Buwaya, Old Glastheim, and Old Ghost Palace that generates instance unlimitedly.
  • Fixed instances issue with Biolab, Seal of Valkyrie, and Seal of Wounded Morroc that players receives rewards outside.
  • Fixed issue with Run or Die Event issue with players not getting 1 shot.
  • Fixed issue with Monthly Enchanter Packge.
  • Fixed VIP titles issue not expiring.
  • Fixed issue with Shrine Maiden Hat, Carrot in Mouth, and Passion Football Hat not able to be converted into Costume.



Don't forget to patch your client before logging in.

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