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Best of the Best - Sniper

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Time to polish your PvP Skills, Sharpen your arrows and tame your falcons because Best of the Best - Sniper is here! 
Do you think you are the best Sniper in the whole community? Show off your skills and register now!


Time and Date:

  • 11:30pm (+8GMT)
  • 15:30 UTC (@servertime)
  • 31st of May 2020.

Rules and Mechanics:

  • Double Elimination Format. 
  • Winner of a match is determined from the Best of 3. For the grand finale, Best of 5.
  • Losers Bracket are Best of 1 only.
  • Event Map is: 1@ge_st (map is open for public viewing, it'll be closed once the event starts.)
  • All type of equipment is allowed.
  • Stat food is allowed.
  • Any HP recovery consumables are not allowed.
  • Resurrection consumables are not allowed.
  • Dual Entry using another account will result in disqualification.
  • Players MUST play on their own account to be eligible for all rewards.
  • All participants will be dispelled upon entering the Arena. (@doommap command)
  • Players who are caught cheating will be banned with no appeal. Example of this are and NOT LIMITED TO:
    • Using a 3rd party software to improve your spam. (macros are ALLOWED)
    • Using a 3rd party software to ignore animation delay
    • Using any form of client modification exploits, to improve delays, damages, and Skill animation delays.


Event Prizes:


1st Place:

  • x7 Karma Coins
  • x15 Enchanter Tickets
  • x100 Mini-Game Credits
  • Costume Headgear of their Choice. (We will provide the list)

2nd Place:

  • x5 Karma Coins
  • x10 Enchanter Tickets
  • x75 Mini-Game Credits
  • Costume Headgear of their Choice. (We will provide the list)

3rd Place:

  • x3 Karma Coins
  • x5 Enchanter Tickets
  • x50 Mini-game Credits
  • Costume Headgear of their Choice. (We will provide the list)


Consolation Prizes: [To claim Consolation Prizes, make sure you PARTICIPATED in the EVENT]

  • x1 Karma Coin
  • x2 Enchanter Tickets
  • x2 War Badge Box [2] (Contains 200 pieces of War Badges)
  • x20 Mini-Game Credits


How to Register:

Just copy this format and post your detail below.


IGN (IN-GAME NAME): Please always provide the EXACT spelling of your character name.


Deadline of Entries : 2 hours before War of Emperium | May 31, 2020



All details are subject to change including but not limited to rewards, rules and match details.


List of Head Gears to choose from:

**NOTE: First come first serve basis. Example: If the 1st Place winner chooses the Costume Kirin Wings, then the Kirin Wings will not be available from the choices for the 2nd placer and 3rd placer**

**NOTE: The headgears will be available for distribution after the NEXT MAINTENANCE**



1. Costume Forgotten Angel Wings [Animated Headgear]






2. Costume Word in Mouth [Animated Headgear]





3. Costume Hunting Cap of Gust





4. Costume Crown of Victory





5. Costume Kirin Wings







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