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Streamer's Program

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  • At least you must have at least 500 Followers on your GAMING FACEBOOK PAGE.
  • Message US on our Facebook Page. ( )
  • Submit your Facebook Link and Proposed Streaming Time Slot.
  • You must be able to stream at least 5 days a week, and 2 hours per day.


Main Objectives:

  • Promoting and advertising the server across all nations.
  • Encouraging players to take part on how awesome the server is.
  • Informing Super High Rate players that our server exist on a daily basis.


Streamer's Accomplishments:

  • You need to gain More Viewers  and More Shares for every stream as much as possible.
  • You need to submit a screenshot of your Stats, every after your Stream. (Discord Group)
  • You will be led by our very own affiliate partner. ( )
  • The more Viewers, and More shares you get, the higher the rewards !!!


Streamer's Perks:

  • We will provide your giveaways.
    • Streamer Box C 
      • 240739301_StreamerBoxC.PNG.9ea7b92cb9dc9d8dd6b4bb4cfed0f1dc.PNG
    • Streamer Box B
      • 158820312_StreamerBoxB.PNG.0295be422cebb04bb376c62e748fd8fb.PNG
    • Streamer Box A
      • 978246132_StreamerBoxA.PNG.d3c43c4da7652bb6c950835c138622ec.PNG
    • VIP Streamer Box
      • 222721472_VIPStreamerBox.PNG.160539bf1c459b122561e0c15fe1a4fe.PNG
    • Ultimate Streamer Box
      • UltimateStreamerBox.PNG.6df8df3b3cd64e78ea5fbf8706959b64.PNG
  • We will reward your Hard work with our very own Server's Currency
    • Donation Tokens
      • DonationToken.PNG.c7e821051e2edf0a4ad48a50aefb1cbb.PNG



The better your Stats are, the better the rewards !!


" The moment you proved that you are stable, committed, and have regular followers who are now playing in the server, we MIGHT offer you your weekly talent fee. "



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