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Crimson Kyo

Patch Notes 6/4/2020

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Hello, Carats!


Before anything else, I just want to thank everyone for the unrelenting support. Server had shown a big progress over in the past few months with the WoE, PvP, and PVE competitions active and kicking non-stop everyday.


We thank you for believing in us. We will always be here, Unethical RO. No other server.


Patch Notes : June 4, 2020





Please Click here to read the FULL DETAILS:




Guild Capacity

  • Increased from 12 to 16.


NEW! Revamped Guild Skills

image.png.c6913eefa3e2af09f109e3e0aa8315d0.pngBattle Order

  • Add 2% ATK, 2% MATK,  and +5 STR/INT/DEX to all Guildsmen on screen.
  • Guild Leader Skill
  • Cooldown : 5 minutes
  • Command : @battleorder



  • Regenerates player HP and SP by 20% over time for 5 seconds to all Guildsmen on screen.
  • Guild Leader Skill
  • Cooldown : 5 minutes
  • Command : @regeneration



  • Fully restore HP and SP for all Guildsmen on screen.
  • Guild Leader Skill
  • Cooldown : 5 minutes
  • Command : @restore


War of Emperium Rewards

  • Removed 'Glorious Box' as reward for everyone.
  • Added 'Guild Salary Pack' automatically for Guild Leader who conquered the castle of the day.



NEW! Map Exclusive for all VIP

  • @vip command to warp in the VIP lounge.


NEW! Added @vipstatus command

  • This is to check how many days left for your VIP to expire.


NEW! Added VIP Tokens

  • VIP Tokens are still under construction and will be updated next week's patch.


NEW! VIP Daily Rewards System



  • The NPC's are available in the VIP Lounge via @vip command.
  • For details regarding the VIP Daily Rewards, click me!


VIP Benefits updated (All Tiers)

  • Free use of Broadcaster NPC.
  • Free use of Shaman Arsenio NPC
  • No changing job fees.


NEW! VIP V : Diamond Tier

  • Exclusive Features;
    • 31 Days VIP Discount Card (Accessory)
    • Exclusive VIP V : Daily Rewards
    • Exclusive item contents.
    • Click me! for more details.



NEW! BG : Assist Points Feature

  • The following jobs will have PVP points every after Battleground Mode:
    • Clown/Gypsy
    • High Priest
    • Paladin
  • 5 Points for every battleground mode win, and 2 points for every battleground mode lose.


Speed Potion Modification

  • Allowed the usage of Speed Potion in Crystal War Mode but still disabled in KVM Mode.
  • Decreased the speed of Speed Potion from 100% to 70%



NEW! Pet Customized System

  • Added 'Pet Gacha NPC' in maintown.
  • Class S Pets have exclusive effect mainly for PVE and PVP.



Battle Arena is an automated 1v1 Ranked PVP

  • Ranked Queue will be Monday to Friday 11:00-13:00 Server Time & 23:00 - 01:00 Server Time.
  • The Top 10 players of the Ranked Battle Arena will fight in a Sudden 1v1 Tournament Match every Saturday after War of Emperium. Matches will be livestreamed. More details regarding the prize will be announced soon.
  • Ranked Arena is a Point System.



  • Security increased for botting.


NEW! Proxy for Middle East & SEA Players

  • We had added these the past few weeks. This is to help reduce ping for every players in Unethical RO.


Monster Invasion Automated Event

  • Disabled the use of Triple Attack skill inside the event area.



  • Increase points limit from 50 to 80 points.
  • When entering PVP Arena, player name will be globally announced.
  • Added command to ignore PVP Command announcer in @loginsettings.



Increased spawn rates of the following monsters :

beholder.gif.c4de8dbba0356c5e65aff0e5e81932cf.gif Beholder

mavka.gif.7178affd4dfd3aeba902dfa27deb7db4.gif Mavka

metaller.gif.c07883c940d9a10c0352a646e8e0477c.gif Metaller



NEW! @casino

  • Added 'Casino Daily NPC'
    • NPC will work like Daily Rewards but it will give a Free 2x Casino Chip daily.
  • Added 'Fortune Holder NPC'
    • Legends say it will give you good luck...


Donation Shop NPC

  • Removed the following items;
    • Crimson Robot Ears
    • Moober Hat
    • Yellow Ribbon
  • These items were moved to Mini-Game Credit Shop.


Currency Trader NPC

  • Added Legacy Credit exchanger for zeny notes.


Instance Quest Shop NPC

  • Added PVE & PVP Katana [4].


Card Remover NPC

  • Added NPC to all towns.


Enchanter NPC

  • Increased Enchanter Coin usage in the following category;
    • Weapon Equipment Category from 1 to 2 pcs Enchanter Coin requirement.
    • Garment Category from 1 to 2 pcs Enchanter Coin requirement.
    • Accessory Category from 1 to 2 pcs Enchanter Coin requirement.


Quest Reward Redeemer NPC

  • Changed item requirement for 'C Ancient Black Helm'
  • Removed Bloody Branch in the list.
  • Removed the following items
    • Crimson Robot Ears
    • Moober Hat
    • Yellow Ribbon


Mini-Game Credit NPC

  • Added the following headgears;
    • Crimson Robot Ears
    • Moober Hat
    • Yellow Ribbon


Fishing NPC

  • Removed 'Power Slotter' in the Fishing Shop.
  • Updated Fishing Shop in June 2020 edition.


Monthly Headgear Quest NPC

  • Updated NPC for June 2020 edition.


Hourly Shop NPC

  • Updated NPC for June 2020 edition.


Recolor Shop NPC

  • Added Recolor for 'Costume Eremes Scarf'.


Supply Ticket NPC (@bg)

  • Added new items.



Quest Certificates

  • All Quest Certificates will now be a Monthly Edition. For this June patch, the quest certificate required will be 'June Quest Certificate'
  • Current Quest certificates will have a conversion to certain item next patch.
  • New Quest Certificates applies to all NPC's affected.


NEW! Naught Sieger Card



  • Adds 20% damage to all enemies.
  • [Thief Class] Grants total immunity to Dispel when compounded on Katar.
  • Receives more damage from Demi-human by 7%



image.png.63e3f666655fedcabc7ad87ed403a37c.pngMagic Crasher

  • Increased damage by 20%


NEW! Revamped Whitesmith Skills [NOTE : These skills will be updated on June 6, 2020]

image.png.dc805da4f98677d7f63c285ef257caee.pngThrow Tomahawk

  • Causes Critical Wounds Level 1 at 33% chance.


image.png.7f72f55b1a236c930718b6a87bdad4b9.pngHammer Fall

  • Replaced current effect with Decrease Movement Speed of Enemies by 40% in 9x9 area surrounding the target cell.
  • Hard Delay set to 2 seconds.


image.png.fe4ec363f85a1b570d6d0e230f01893d.pngCart Termination

  • Boosted damage significantly.


image.png.4134e2af66f4e645096cc666a996b60c.pngAdrenaline Rush

  • Replaced current effect with Increase Attack Power by 2% of Axe and Mace weapon for the duration of skill.



  • Skill will now have a 10% chance to destroy equipped weapon and armor. It shall bypass item restrictions that cannot be broken while duration is still active.


image.png.67d1f9a610dbc0e052675d895a607fe0.pngNEW! Meltdown Protection

  • Protecs the target char with 2 kind of Meltdown Protection for Weapon and Armor. Each casts require 1 Meltdown Stone
  • Max Level : 5
  • Meltdown Stone can be purchased in Blacksmith Dealer NPC (@mall).



  • Fixed and added issue regarding Black Jack NPC. Refer to the rules detail.
  • Fixed issue with Enchanter NPC where the NPC enchants Weapon equipments in Shield Category.
  • Fixed issue with Boitata Card and Gopinich Card to crash when viewing the bmp card picture.
  • Fixed issue with Monster Invasion ending with 2 monsters left.
  • Fixed issue with Eyes of Karna ATK/MATK comparison.
  • Fixed issue with Automated Racing Event not being recalled to the starting line.
  • Fixed issue with Last Man Standing Automated event early rewards.
  • Fixed issue with Quest Slotter NPC missing items.
  • Fixed issue with Bijou Card and E Bijou Card stacking with each other effects.
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