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Crimson Kyo

Patch Notes 6/10/2020

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June 10, 2020 - Patch Notes





  • Updated as of June 6, 2020.


NEW! Monster Supply Invasion (Automated Event)

  •  Event Details :
    • 30 Monsters will spawn in Malaya. Coordinates are random.
    • Event scheduled to run 3x a day, for every 8 hours.
  • NEW! Supply Coin will be obtained for killing one Supply Carat.
  • Shop NPC to exchange them is located in malaya 221 195.
  • Automated Events are announced.



  • Fixed issue in KvM Mode respawn delay.
  • Fixed consumables issue not working in KvM Mode.


NEW! Battleground Ranking NPC

  • It will feature Top 10 players in Battlegrounds in any mode.
  • Located in @bg.



Added VIP only summon for every 4 hours.

  • There will be a random Mystic Branch monster in the VIP Lounge.
  • Monster will have item drops.
  • It will be announced globally.



NEW! MVP Testing Room NPC



  • NPC goal is to help newbie and veteran players to further improve their gameplay in fighting MVP's and other monsters.
  • 500,000 zeny per summon.
  • Please, visit the NPC for more information.
  • NPC Location : Testing Room (Left side of maintown)


NEW! Headgear Gacha NPC



  • Added Premium, and exclusive headgear gacha beside the Pet Gacha NPC.


Donation Shop NPC

  • Reduced price of Monthly Enchanter Package from 60 Donation Tokens to 40 Donation Tokens.
  • Added 1 new aura in Donation Aura category. Sacred Aura


Rune Shop NPC

  • Added Mana Runestone and Fortune Runestone.


Gladiator Arena NPC

  • Both Normal and Nightmare mode now allows the use of Pets.


Stalker NPC

  • Added Level 10  Lightning Spear Ice (Ninja Skill)


Casino Slot Machines NPC

  • Fixed issue where it will say failed when you actually won the round.


Supply Ticket Shop NPC

  • Fixed issue where War Badges are not identified as currency in the shop.



  • Added @petinfo command to check the current status/intimacy of your pet.
  • Fixed issue where pets run away after the master dies couple of times.



NEW! Gorudo (MVP)


  • Monster Location : hu_fild05
  • Respawns every 12 hours. Will be announced too.
  • NOTE : MVP is very strong, attack at your own risk!
  • You may check his monster info by typing @mi Gorudo.



NEW! Gorudo Card



  • [Wizard Class]
    • Increase Damage of Magic Crasher by 25%, ATK+1%
  • [Professor Class]
    • Increase Physical Critical Damage by 25%, ATK+1%
  • Compound : Headgear
  • Stack Limit : 1


Evolved Amon Ra Card and Amon Ra Card

  • Reduced the proc chance of the Kyrie Eleison Skill when getting hit with physical melee attack.


E Professor Card

  • Fixed Sage Skills not appearing.


E Bijou Card

  • Fixed issue not working in MVP Monsters.



NEW! Gorudo Item drops:

  • Gorudo Armor
  • Gorudo Robe
  • Gorudo Shoes
  • Gorudo Manteau




  • Restore, Regeneration, and Battle Order will no longer have casting time. Only cooldown.



  • Meltdown will bypass Full Chemical Protection buff.
  • Fixed issue regarding Hammer Fall not working.



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