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Guild vs Guild Event

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Hello, everyone!

Before anything else.. the Staff Team would like to thank you for continuously helping the server. We all appreciate the relentless support coming from you. I hope you continue supporting UnethicalRO. Y'all are amazing!! *sniffles*

ANYWAY!! Do you think you're the BEST GUILD IN THE WHOLE COMMUNITY? Prepare your best ROSTERS because it's time foooooooooooooooor! *badum* *tss* GUILD VS GUILD  EVENT!


What: 10 vs 10 GvG Event

When: 27th of June, 2020 (Saturday)


  • UTC: 15:30 (@servertime)
  • Philippines: 23:30


Mechanics of the Event:


  • The Tournament will be Single Elimination. It means once defeated you're out.
  • Winner of a match is determined from the Best of 3. For the grand finale, Best of 5.
  • The Map the event will take place on is [TBA]
  • Teams will be dispelled upon entering the battle arena.
  • 5 minutes allotted time per round. If exceeded winner of the round will be decided through the number of survivors in their team.


Rules and Restrictions:


  • Emergency Call is not allowed.
  • All team members MUST be in the same guild.
  • Each team will have ONLY ONE rematch if any member of the team disconnects, after which all matches are final.
  • Teams are allowed to bring in one substitute in the event of missing teammates or technical difficulties.
  • Players MUST play on their own account to be eligible for all rewards.
  • Players found aiding others to play on their accounts for bound rewards will be severely punished.
  • HP recovery items are disabled. (Box of Panting is allowed)
  • Participants are allowed to use stats food.
  • All other GvG rules/mechanics apply.

Event Prize(s):


1st Placers:

  • 3x Karma Coins (per member)
  • 150x Mini-Game Credits
  • 150x War Credits
  • 50 Boxes of All Elemental Converters.
  • Private Poring Event
  • 50% of the DT buy-in prize pool.


2nd Placers:

  • 2x Karma Coins (per member)
  • 75x Mini-Game Credits
  • 75x War Credits
  • 25 Boxes of All Elemental Converters.
  • 30% of the DT buy-in prize pool.


3rd Placers:

  • 1x Karma Coin (per member)
  • 50x Mini-Game Credits
  • 50x War Credits
  • 10 Boxes of All Elemental Converters.
  • 20% of the DT buy-in prize pool.


Consolation Prizes: 

  • x3 War Badge Box[2]
  • x10 Mini-Game Credits


How to Register:

  • There will be a buy-in of 2 Donation Token per each member of the team for a total of 20DT per team. This will be redistributed to the Top 3 Teams.
  • Your GUILD will be only validated for registration if you fully paid the BUY-IN DTs.

Registration Format:


Guild Name:

Party Name:
Guild Leader:

Member 1:

Member 2:

Member 3:

Member 4:

Member 5:

Member 6:

Member 7:

Member 8:

Member 9:



All registered and validated guild participants will be posted below:




All details are subject to change including but not limited to rewards, rules and match details.

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Guild Name: Bad Boys Guild

Party Name: UEROdominances
Guild Leader: Swish Swish Shing Shing

Member 1: Indestructible

Member 2: Rayleigh

Member 3: Unbreakable

Member 4: KnightSixx

Member 5: Hansel

Member 6: Konkrete

Member 7: Fiend 

Member 8: Not Appy

Member 9: BowAndSoul

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Guild Name:FaZe Clan

Party Name:MarkBestSimp
Guild Leader: Edward Elric

Member 1: Hinata Shoyo

Member 2: Aria

Member 3: Phil

Member 4: Majikero

Member 5: Narcolepsy

Member 6:Winter Runner

Member 7:Cervesa

Member 8:Asura Sa Mukha Mo

Member 9:Carrots

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Registration for the Event will be cut off on Friday, 15:00 servertime.


We won't accept late Registrations.

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Posted (edited)

Guild Name: Egg Academy
Party Name: FK DA POLICE
Guild Leader: 21493
Member 1: Valyrian
Member 2: chigga
Member 3: Chicken
Member 4: Mhealer
Member 5: Pein
Member 6: You Left Me Behind
Member 7: Maeve
Member 8: Cash

Member 9: Arasox

Edited by Asura

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Guild Name: Rekt

Party Name: Ambalito
Guild Leader: Ambalito 1

Member 1: Ambalito 2

Member 2: Ambalito 3

Member 3: Ambalito 4

Member 4: Ambalito 5

Member 5: Ambalito 6

Member 6: Ambalito 7

Member 7: Ambalito 8

Member 8: Ambalito 9

Member 9: Ambalito 10

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