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Crimson Kyo

Patch Notes 6/18/2020

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[NEW SUMMER EVENT - Scavenger and more!]

Event will run from June 18, 2020 to July 1, 2020


Summer Freebies NPC

  • Everyone will be allowed to get freebies for the event! Only one per account.
  • NPC Location : malaya 205 221


Scavenger Event NPC

  • Limited Questable HG
  • NPC Location : malaya 158 259


Limited Donation Headgear Sale NPC

  • Exclusive Summer Event Headgears available for a limited time.
  • NPC Location : malaya 158 259


Summer Token NPC

  • Find the Token Maker Clue is with Louis Squirrel
  • NEW! Summer Token available in the event.



NEW! Item Drop Notification


  • Added a warning notice when dropping items. It should notify the user.


War of Emperium

  • Increased Guild Capacity from 16 to 24 players.
  • Removed 3 minute idle limit inside the castle.
  • Fixed issue were WoE Castles reopen in a certain time.


Endless Tower

  • Players will no longer be sent back to Alberta regardless of a new character / first completion. They will be directed to the next floor.



  • Fixed issue were consumables are not working in KVM mode.



Gorudo (MVP)

  • Fixed issue with respawn time.



995582171_deathguidance.gif.f27fb96ae5d8ea0b0f5e72bcf53d17f5.gif Death's Guidance

  • Removed Hell Power effect. This will no longer work to demi-humans.


card.gif.1bb72605b1b9f31b71828c0430108d9f.gifLord of Death Card

  • Increase Coma percentage effect to 1% chance.


card.gif.1bb72605b1b9f31b71828c0430108d9f.gifEvolved Lord of Death Card

  • Increase Coma percentage effect to 2% chance.
  • Stack Limit : 3



Newbie Zone (Quest Sanctuary) and Beginner's Zone (Leveling)

  • Skills are no longer allowed inside the area.
  • All types of Branch will no longer be usable inside.



  • Fixed Issue were Mystic MVP respawns in an unknown coordinate. Fixed coordinate respawn implemented in the center of VIP lounge.
  • Added Casino Area & Essential NPC's (Refiner, Mall, etc.)


Karma Shop NPC

  • Reduced Pussy Cat Bell price from 15 to 7 Karma Coins.


Currency Trader NPC

  • Removed Karma's Coin (Donation Token to Karma's Coin)


Headgear Gacha NPC

  • Removed 2x War Badge Box[1]



image.png.c9be31bf5294c10b012bf6f38f0689c3.pngBerserk Skill - Fixed issue were skill regenerates HP and SP instead of decreasing.


image.png.0755141c25bd347f6c69b167b660c564.pngFull Chemical Protection Skill - Fixed issue were skill animation is broken.


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