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Crimson Kyo

Patch Notes 7/3/2020

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July 3, 2020 Changelogs



NEW! VIP Feature

  • Added @hatch command for VIP IV and VIP V. (This will let you hatch your egg completely without using an incubator)
  • Added VIP Daily Reward Box for Daily Rewards : VIP I and VIP II.
  • Updated VIP Packages and Headgears to July 2020 version. Click me for more details!


Racing Event

  • Removed from the daily event.



NEW! Quest Hunter NPC

  • Location unknown.. It is said to contain mysterious headgears to craft. Please find the NPC!



  • Relocated different npc's location.


NEW! Monthly HG Quest NPC, Hourly Shop NPC, and Fishing NPC

  • Updated from July 2020 version.


NEW! Quest Certificate Trader NPC

  • Added exchanger for old quest certificates.
  • Added Summer Token currency.
  • Located at @quest.


NEW! Revelation NPC

  • Added Revelation Set [Counterpart of Karna Equipment] see the NPC for more information.
  • Located at @quest.


Stalker NPC

  • Added 'Lv 10 Meteor Storm' in the list.


Lower Headgear NPC

  • Fixed Torn Wings item requirement issue.


Mini-Game Credit NPC

  • Removed Yellow Ribbon [1], Moober Hat [1], Crimson Robot Ears [1] and replaced with their non slotted headgears.


WoE Rewards NPC

  • Increased 4x Box of Box of Panting to 2 War Credits.


Donation Shop NPC

  • Added different headgear for all VIP titles.


Legacy Shop NPC

  • Added more cards in the list.
  • Added new headgear items in the npc.




Quest Certificates

  • July 2020 Quest Certificate is now updated.


Box of Panting

  • Changed weight from 20 to 10.


Karna's Robe / Karna's Endless Robe

  • Reduced healing effectiveness from 8% to 5%.


Karna's Ring of Wealth

  • Removed additional boost to all healing skills.
  • Can no longer be traded. Item will now be Account Bound.


Karna Equipment Combo

  • Removed the Karna Shield requirement.


Karna Garment, Karna Shoes, and Endless Karna Suit/Armor/Robe

  • Removd additional boost to all healing skills.


Falcon Ring

  • Can no longer be traded. Item will now be Account Bound.


Vendor's Ring

  • Can no longer be traded. Item will now be Account Bound.


E White Lady Card

  • Now properly adding the right healing amount for Monk, Crusader, and Rouge Class. [Previously it was 16% instead of 12%]


E Kiel Card

  • Removed current effect. Now removes cast delay of 'Soul Breaker' skill.


Lord of the Dead and Evolved Lord of the Dead

  • Reverted back to their original percentages.



Meltdown Protection

  • The skill is no longer casted individually, it is now a global party skill if used.
  • Will now require 3 Meltdown Stone instead of 1.


Soul Breaker

  • Increased damage by 20%.



  • Increased damage by 30%.
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