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Crimson Kyo

How to Donate

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Hello, Dear Carats!

Thank you for your interest to donate and support the server. Our server requires funds in order to continue running. Players can donate to help the server and they will receive compensation in return. Donations are NOT compulsory but it is welcome. All Items are available to be obtained through quest, and by playing.  Please keep in mind that donations are non-refundable and there are consequences when you attempt to refund.

Donation Rates :


$1.00 = 1x Donation Token

(Currencies are converted automatically depending on your payment method and currency that you will use.)


What are the Payment Methods?

1). PayPal & Credit/Debit Cards


PayPal process are fully automated. You may click the image above to be redirected. You can get the Donation Tokens instantly after successful transaction.


2). Western Union Money Transfer


If you choose to donate thru WU, type @request in-game to get the receiver details.

WU Agents : You may go to a western union branch to send money, all you need is a valid id. 

  1. Fill up completely the sender form (Message us to get the receiver details)
  2. Sender will pay the FEES.
  3. Give the form to the agent and they will be do one to process.
  4. Take note of the transaction code and take photo of the receipt.
  5. Send it to us via message in forums, @request in game, or mention us in discord channel.
  6. Once confirmed, we will send the donation tokens.

3). Gcash

4). 7-11 CLiqq & Local Banks


What do I get from Donating? (Click links to be redirected)

1). Donation Shop

2). Monthly VIP Package

discordicon1.png.d088d9e90ec18cbbab7323fbe2d8b4e5.png  Join our Discord community!


youtubeicon1.png.dabd68fa6548a4bc389d33fc7842365b.png  Subscribe to our Youtube channel!


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logo.png.269928d56f676263452c1280a440c7f9.pngServer information! (Newbie & Guild Pack available!)

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